Hybrid Solar-Thermal Electric Autoclaves

- Empowering Healthcare Through Light -

Our Vision

Noor Medical seeks to improve humanity’s access to equitable healthcare.

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Lack of electricity grid connections and grid disruption affecting 1 billion people in Sub-saharan African and Southeast Asia.


Doctors have to choose between operation with non-sterilized equipment versus not operating or stalling procedures.


80 to 90% of people living in sub-saharan Africa do not have access to rural clinics with a dependable power supply.


On cloudy days solar energy is not sufficient to power autoclaves.

Our Solution


Solar thermal autoclaves are accepted by the WHO as a solution but are not widely applied


Hybrid off-grid power generation means that our system can function on both sunny and cloudy days


Modular hybrid autoclaves reduce costs and the skills needed to maintain components

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About Us

We are a multinational and interdisciplinary group of entrepreneurs who seek to improve humanity’s access to equitable healthcare. At Noor Medical, we aim to address the 1.5 billion people per year who do not have access to rural medical clinics with a reliable electricity supply – which often results in the improper sanitation of medical equipment. Our mission is to provide the critical sterilization of medical equipment for rural health clinics – with a 2025 goal of positively impacting 20 million lives.

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Our Team

Laila Berning

Laila Berning


BSc. Environmental Natural Science

Andrew Bonneau

Andrew Bonneau


United States
MSc. Environmental Governance

Federico Castillejo

Federico Castillejo


BSc. Industrial Engineering

Saji Zagha

Saji Zagha


BSc. Economics

Enock Musasizi

Enock Musasizi

Engineering and Product Research

BSc. Mechanical Engineering

Mostafa Abdelrashied

Mostafa Abdelrashied

Optimization research

BSc. Mechanical Engineering

Patrick Schultes

Patrick Schultes

Regulations and Compliance

PhD Candidate Law


Advisory Board

Juan David Jaramillo Salamanca

Advisor - Project Management
Juan David has several years of experience managing projects in the private sector as well as for international development agencies.

Prof. Dr. Heiko Roehl

Advisor - Strategy
Heiko is Honorary Professor at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, CEO of Kessel&Kessel GmbH, and has extensive strategic experience in various industries.

Prof. Dr. Heiner Schanz

Advisor - Business Development
Heiner is the head of the Chair of Environmental Governance at the University of Freiburg, Germany and the program director of the MSc. programme Environmental Governance.

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