Safe Surgery Anywhere​

Noor Medical helps health clinics improve their safe surgical capacity by enabling them to safely sterilize medical instruments with a diversity of energy inputs.


Every year millions of people suffer from post operative infections due to insufficient access to medical instrument sterilization technology that is well adapted to operating in low resource settings.

At Noor Medical we are dedicated to providing holistic solutions to enable safe medical instrument sterilization processes.

Baraka Adventists Hospital, Chad.


The Noor Medical Hyrbicalve enables the safe sterilization of medical instruments  in regions with unstable electricity supply

Our autoclaving technology is specifically designed for affordability and robustness to meet the needs of health facilities in low resource settings. The Noor Medical Hybriclave provides clinics with the flexibility to efficiently sterilize medical instruments either with solar energy, thermal energy, or electricity.


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UN Global Finalist: 2018

Highest potential to yield social sustainability Award: 2018

Support for outstanding projects in the Medical Field: 2018

Support for outstanding projects in the Medical Field: 2018

Technical cooperation financing through Fraunhofer Techbridge: 2019

European Finalist: 2019

Grant recipient: 2019

European Finalist by UNEP: 2019

Top 3 by German Sustainability Award 2019

Grant recipient and winner of the 2020 competition


R&D partnership: 2018-19

Health Network Partner: 2018 - Today

R&D partner: 2019 - Today

Support in the field of sterilization education: 2018 - Today

Health network and Research partner: 2018 - Today

Research partner: 2018 - Today

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